Problem Solver

I am here to solve your problems and optimize your processes.

Innovation Specialist

I innovate not by using the latest technology, but by using the most relevant technology for you.

Performance Addict

I strive to make your website as fast as possible to enable the best possible experience for your users.

Who I am

I was born on the same year the Commodore 64 was introduced to the market. During high school, I spent hours coding either on the family's Mac (a Classic II), and even distributed freewares and sharewares of my own. Coding always fascinated me because I could make the computer do what I want instead of the other way round. And because I started before the Internet, I learnt the importance to optimize things. Memory and CPU were limited at the time (call me an old man if you want).

After graduating in multimedia studies, no wonder I worked for a tech giant, IBM, before founding my own web agency. I then helped many different companies by studying the way the work and the way they do business to use technology to solve issues and improve their processes.

This agency quickly became on of the best renowned in the Indian Ocean and beyond and I later sold the company to an advertising agency to combine our forces.

Julien Tessier

How do I handle a project?



The first step is to carefully observe the way you work, the way you customers interact with you, the way you interact with your suppliers, the way your systems are connected.



Once that's done, we gather around a table with a whiteboard, post-its and screen captures. I suggest optimizations in the processes, and we challenge them together. This is where the innovation takes place and where we construct together new revenue ideas for your business.



While the UX/UI work starts with one of my partners, I build the new infrastructure (both code and hosting) with your technical team. At this stage, I can also write some pieces of the core code, but I strive to make it along with your team to ensure best possible reversibility.



Once the project is completed, I optimize every bit of it, either by application-level caching or CDN caching, to ensure best possible performance. I also keep a close look to analytics to see where customers leave the site to detect potential issues.