The Problem

As a leading vape retailer in France, Cigusto experienced a quick growth. Websites and bricks-and-mortar stores were handled by to very different systems which didn't communicate with one-another. Loyalty points you gained online were not usable offline, and vice-versa. Prices could even be different between the two systems. And obviously you couldn't pre-order for in-store collection since the website had no idea of what the store had in stock.

The Solution

All stores were using an ERP to communicate with the central system. I suggested to treat the website as a physical store. This lead to a custom development where the website used the ERP at its core. The ERP didn't see a website, but another checkout terminal.

This provided a smooth experience for the customers, where they could also see the in-store purchases online and quickly reorder online something they often bought offline, leading to more sales and more customer satisfaction.

This also provided management for a centralized dashboard of their revenue, both online and offline.

This allowed to implement quickly new features such as in-store collection. Last but not least, prices and discounts were consistent accross all channels and this saved marketing team time by allowing them to update the information in one single place.